1500mg CBD Full Spectrum Indica Oil

Cold-pressed CBD Oil*
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1500mg CBG Full Spectrum Oil

Cold-pressed CBG Oil*
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450mg CBD Bath Salts

Made with CBD Isolate*
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1500mg CBD Happy Capsules

Cold-pressed CBD Oil*
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99%+ CBD Isolate

Royal OG CBD Live Resin

Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Pen (CDT)

99%+ CBG Isolate

95%+ CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate

500mg CBD Deep Relief Muscle & Joint Cream

500mg CBD Polynesian Body Butter

Irie Facial Tonic

Shilajit Resin

Happy Guys CBD Product Lab Reports

*Lab reports show results for the active ingredient (CBD extract). For any lab results now shown here please contact us.

Any blurred/pixelated information in documents is to protect personal information.